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Welcome to the Stop Being Stuck Programme, your gateway to unlocking your full potential and achieving excellence in your personal life, career or business endeavours. Are you ready to take this initial step, which delivers seismic shifts to mind, body and soul. We'll get under the skin of exactly what is keeping you stuck through this intensive and immersive two week Breakthrough Programme.

Taking You to Excellence:
A programme renowned for uncovering the subconscious behaviour patterns you have adopted that make you feel stuck.

We'll work on them, getting you unstuck and helping you gain clarity, confidence and above all TRUST in yourself.

Our Approach:

This session is described as a breakthrough because it allows you to see the things you've been unable or unwilling to see.

It brings a metaphorical key to the unhelpful shackles that have kept you stuck and a new perspective, paving the way for new ways of working.

It's a deeply personal programme which relies on your openness and willingness to go deep within.

I promise, I've got you throughout. This breakthrough is the initial step to gain real clarity and create subconscious emotional shifts.


Are You Ready to Elevate Your Life, Career or Business?

We'll stop you feeling stuck and like you don't matter

We uncover the limiting belief that holds you back

We work subconsciously to create huge shifts quickly

It's a transformative session which blends deep subconscious therapeutic work, with mindset coaching

You'll feel fundamentally different as a result and have clarity to take forwards

Join more than 300 men and women who have taken the 'Stop Being Stuck' Breakthrough Step

Andy is a fully qualified and certified Paseda360 Advanced Practitioner in Transformational Coaching, which is ILM Assured, and holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Change and Innovation from Brighton University, specialising in helping people understand the impact of change in their lives, whether personal or career.  

The investment for this package is £1000 plus VAT and can be paid in up to three monthly instalments.

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