1:1 Interview Coaching Session for Post-Police Interviews

These calls are designed to give you results fast! Delivered in 1:1 bespoke online sessions, Andy coaches you to be fully prepared and confident for your interview.

Get prepared, get confident and stand out.

1:1 Interview Coaching Session for Post-Police Interviews


In these sessions, Andy will review your job and person spec in detail before the session.

Areas covered in Interview Coaching include the 3 stages of prep, openers and motivational fit, 3 different types of interview styles, detailed competency-based question examples, the secret to answering competency-based questions better than the other candidates (It’s not STAR!), identifying competencies, skills and experience needed for the role, identifying achievements, identifying evidence, dealing with difficult questions, stand-out questions to ask at the end, the importance of first impressions, mindfulness techniques to deal with overwhelm and anxiety, provide you with a video recording to review and refresh your memory, tasks to do to ensure success.

(If the available days and times aren't possible then let us know and we will try and schedule you in)

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What some of my clients say...


"Andy was quickly able to review my CV and compare it to the role profile which I was going for. He identified key areas which he felt I’d be tested on within interview and was instrumental in pulling out the best evidence I could give. He provided the tools to develop my answers to proposed questions. I was amazed at how it all went, his knowledge of the interview process, the types of interviews, what to expect and ability to analyse profiles for potential questions was fantastic. It was my first interview, the job I wanted, and I got the job! I couldn’t have asked for more or for it to go better. I certainly don’t regret the move away from policing. I feel like a weight has lifted. I enjoy life again; I enjoy what I do. I am looking forward to building my second career."