CK Futures 

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Your Cover Letter is crafted and written by Charlotte Eve of CK Futures Ltd.  

Charlotte is a 20+ year CV writing professional and Vice Chair of the UK Board of CV Writers.   

'I design the cover letters I'd wish to receive as a hiring manager. Tailored to encapsulate your passion and aligned with the specific role you're targeting, your new compelling cover letter will be the gateway for recruiters to delve deeper into your CV.

It's not just an introduction, but a narrative of your career journey, motivations, and the value you'd bring to a potential employer.

A cover letter should be more than just a formality; it's an opportunity. And that's how I approach each one I craft: as a unique chance to make a mark, stand out, and convince the reader that they absolutely must meet you.

While many applicants underestimate its importance, I recognise its power. Drawing upon the nuances of your career, aspirations, and personal strengths, I construct cover letters that are not only engaging but are also genuine reflections of who you are.

The process demands my full attention: I seclude myself, disconnect from distractions, and let your story guide my words.'