Premium LinkedIn Tool

Craft the perfect LinkedIn profile and get noticed! 

Blue Light Leavers are very proud to be collaborating with one of the most exciting global Tech start-ups,, who are using the latest AI technologies available, combined with their extensive knowledge as senior recruiters for organisations like Uber and Amazon, and expertise of updating thousands of LinkedIn Profiles, to be able to perfectly craft the LinkedIn profile you need to get noticed by recruiters, hiring managers, and anyone that views your profile.

Click on the link below, fill out a short Onboarding Form and get 50% discount on the full priced product of £99 and have your Headline and About section fully revamped and re-written for the roles you’re looking for!

Don’t take our word for it!! Here’s 3 members who’ve used the tool:

I really like this tool as it pulls out the best bits of my experience and ticks the boxes where Careerflow have identified as being important (Hard and soft skills).

I’m loving the headline it takes me away from that police role which I need, and I think it stands out it explains what I do and what I’m looking for rather than dwelling on what I have done (one of those is that really me moments???? ).

I wanted to say thank you to you and the careerflow guys for a great review of my profile. I like the format of the report, it is clear, concise and easy to understand. The fact that you can copy and paste the updated version directly from the report is also a great feature.


Sign Up Now systems will verify everything for quality, and send you the result within 48 hours over email! You then just cut and paste it into your LinkedIn profile. This is an absolute gamechanger and we’re very proud to be partnering with organisations who are at the forefront of using AI technology.  

As always, total transparency, if you decide to pay for your Linkedin profile to be optimised, I do receive a small fee.