CK Futures 

Trusted Service Provider for Blue Light Leavers


Charlotte Eve of CK Futures, is a 20+ year CV writing professional and Vice Chair of the UK Board of CV Writers.   

 'When it comes to crafting your career story, there's nothing quite like the magic that unfolds in a 60-minute, one-on-one consultation with me.

Think of this as a deep dive into your professional soul – a space where we peel back the layers of your career, uncovering the gems that make you, you. This isn't just a chat; it's an expedition into your accomplishments, skills, and even those aspirations that you haven't voiced yet.

In these consultations, I listen, truly listen, to the nuances of your experiences and goals. It's about getting to the heart of what makes you tick professionally and using those insights to tailor a CV, LinkedIn profile and cover letter that reflects and represents you fully.

The value of this consultation can't be overstated. It's a time when we align your career narrative with the path you aspire to tread. Unlike generic advice, my approach is bespoke, echoing your unique professional story.

I turn off my world to tune into yours, ensuring that the consultation is a sanctuary for your career aspirations to be heard and understood.

This is where your professional journey is intricately woven into a narrative that captures not just what you've done, but who you are and where you want to go.

In a market saturated with cookie-cutter approaches, this personalised, attentive session sets the stage for a CV and cover letter that are not just documents, but compelling reflections of your professional persona.'