CK FuturesĀ 

TrustedĀ Service Provider for Blue Light Leavers


Delivered by Charlotte Eve of CK Futures Ltd.

Charlotte is a 20+ year CV writing professional and Vice Chair of the UK Board of CV Writers.

'Itā€™s unusual for people to look forward to interviews ā€“ but it is possible! Delivered in 1-1 bespoke online sessions, I coach you to be fully prepared and confident for your next interview. Using your existing interview experiences and objectives as a starting point, we identify areas to work on, we cover them and we practice.

Areas covered in Interview Coaching can include; different types of interview; competencies, skills and knowledge needed for the role; identifying achievements & evidence that match these criteria; questions from the employer; responding to difficult questions; questions to ask the employer; mock interview and interview feedback.

The nuances of communication and interviews are also a key part of this. We will discuss body language, communicating authentically, conveying enthusiasm and building rapport. Providing you with honest, constructive feedback based on my experiences as an interviewer and an interview coach, I type up notes of our sessions which are provided for your reference and you will normally be expected to do some exercises (homework!) in-between.'