Out of the Blue Event Recording

In case you missed this incredible event we hosted in April 2023, you now have the opportunity to view the recording at your leisure, and access all the key training, tips and tools from leading experts, to help you make that career transition


This is what you get...

Full training video of the entire day

This was a one day event jam packed with all the training and tools you need to finally make that transition to your new career. We have segmented the video into 4 easy-to-follow sections so you can do it at your own pace. 

More info about our fantastic speakers you will find below:

  • Session 1: Dr Sarah Charman & Hannah Bailey
  • Session 2: Rob Heath
  • Session 3: Charlotte Eve
  • Session 4: Andy & Kul

Delegate Handout Booklet

Included in your purchase is the full handout booklet that delegates were given on the day so you can follow along in the training and make your own notes.

This includes welcome notes, speaker bios, and more information on how you can further get support

About the speakers...

Hannah Bailey

Founder of Blue Light Wellbeing, Hannah is a highly regarded psychotherapist, speaking on the challenges of identity and mental health associated with policing and leaving the police or emergency services. 

As a former police officer, she completely understands the culture and demands of working in that environment, and how best to deal with the mental health challenges and loss of identity issues associated with leaving the police or other emergency service.

Charlotte Eve

 Known to many members of the group through her exceptional work and reputation as a professional CV writer and Deputy Chair of the British Board of CV writers. 

An award winner, she's without doubt, right at the top of her game and Andy Labrum ‘s opinion, the best CV writer in the UK right now and is in a different league to other well-known police CV writers out there.


Rob Heath

Rob retired from Hampshire Constabulary after 23 years’ service. He gained his diploma in regulated financial planning in 2018 and joined Eight Wealth Management as a financial adviser. He spent the next few years supporting and advising ex-colleagues along with other clients. Then in 2021 he set up 3Nines Financial Planning (a division of Eight Wealth Management)

He aims to give the best advice on investments and pension planning and long-term financial planning. Specialising in advising on the complex area of police pensions.

Professor Sarah Charman

Out of the Blue's ‘Speaker in Focus’ is Professor Sarah Charman (PhD) Professor of Criminology in the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice at the University of Portsmouth. She is also Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Law, Crime and Justice. 

Professor Charman recently conducted a study indicating a 72% increase in voluntary resignations from policing in the past 12 months.

Kul Mahay

Serving three decades in the UK police service. Two decades of those decades as a leader. His passion for leadership led him to undergo several coaching qualifications and now he has been coaching leaders for over twenty years. 

Kul works with a global client base of business owners and senior leaders, using his unique and intensive style of ‘Immersion Coaching’. He coaches, speaks and trains on the art of leadership as well as how to create empowered workplace cultures.

Andy Labrum

Andy Labrum is a retired police officer and founder of Blue Light Leavers. After retiring from Northamptonshire Police as a sergeant after 30 years in 2015. He admittedly had very mixed emotions and thoughts. What kind of a career could he embark on with his very unique police skills. Asking himself, ‘what if I run out of money?’ ‘How will I support my family?’  Andy transitioned his policing skills to the world of project management, and business & workplace change management. Bringing him success and gaining a stellar reputation. 

What some of my clients say...


"It's been a few days now since out of the blue... huge changes have come from it for me .. I'm so ready to leave now I feel so positive and at peace with the fact my policing career is done... I have had a renewed vigor to move forward find a new life and a new career ootb was life changing and I think it's def a huge must for officers xx "


"It was an amazing, thought provoking and inspiring event. Andy Labrum, there is no doubt 2024 needs to happen. This not only provided advice and expertise but a safe space for people to talk openly of their experiences and to quote Brene Brown and Hannah Bailey “be vulnerable and recognise the vulnerability in others” well done team #OOTB but especially to you Andy for daring greatly and opening the door to this much needed event x"


"Thanks for a smashing day Andy Labrum and the team. It was great to meet you and the guest speakers 😎. For anyone who doesn't know me, I served 9 years and recently decided to resign, having just done so in April! I'm happy to share my experience with you. I start a new career next week for a small family company in car sales, with lots of perks. 🚗
I can fully recommend Charlotte Eve CK Futures for CV writing! I've had quite a lot of job opportunities this year, including being short listed for two train based roles (sadly failed the assessment) and also an interview for an SIA investigation based role. People do truly value your skills and experience and it's really made me feel positive about my life outside of the force. 👮‍♂️"

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