Out of the Blue - Into the New

A Proven 30 Day Step-by-Step Job Finder and Career Change Programme

from Blue Light Leavers!

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Launching 1 January 2024!










With this programme you will: 

Know exactly what your sought after transferable skills are and how to find the best roles for you

Access a template and create an exceptional CV that highlights your skills and achievements and showcases why you're the right person for the job 

Create a LinkedIn profile that helps you really stand out and get noticed and be taught the hints, tips and tricks to help you network and find the right roles for you

Learn how to best use AI and ChatGPT and be given the exact prompts to optimise your CV, complete applications, and identify the most likely interview questions

Be completely interview ready with the best and proven tools and techniques

Have a plan for your first 100 days into your new role

Understand the impact of change and how best to navigate the emotional rollercoaster


This Programme is for you if...

  • You feel institutionalised and have no idea where to even start
  • You're not tech savvy and things like CVs, LinkedIn and interviews overwhelm you
  • You¬†are worried that you don't have the right skills and experience to change careers
  • You dream of living a¬†better life¬†with greater work life balance and less stress, and you feel there has to be a better way
  • You're tired, burnt out, and mentally exhausted
  • You're going through or been through the misconduct or gross misconduct process
  • You're retiring due to ill-health, completing your service in full, or retired and looking for that new role
  • You want simple to follow, step by step guidance, resources and support

What's included in the Programme?


We'll make sure you're absolutely ready and in the right place mentally and emotionally. It's not easy... and this first step is the hardest. We'll talk identity and resilience and help you set really effective goals, using a very different technique than the one you're thinking!



Knowing WHAT jobs are best suited for you based on your skills and experience is the first step. In this module we teach you how to explore and research the vast career industry and roles that are out there, what skills and experience is required and how to best align those with your strengths, skills and experience.


This module is specifically designed to empower you with the essential skills and insights needed to successfully navigate this transition. This is the bridge that connects your existing expertise to your future aspirations. By focusing here, you'll unlock a world of opportunities.


This module guides you through the process of crafting a standout CV tailored to your unique background and the role you're applying for. Learn how to identify key words and how to translate your skills, achievements, behaviours and values in a way that communicates your true worth to potential employers.


You get step-by-step guidance on optimising your LinkedIn profile to effectively highlight your value, skills, and achievements. From your transferable skills to expanding your professional network, you'll gain insights that will really help you stand out.


From identifying gaps in your skills and expertise to strategically selecting training opportunities, you'll gain the tools and resources needed to enhance your qualifications so that you feel confident in applying for that role you want. In a rapidly evolving job market, strategic professional development and training is key.


This module provides tailored guidance offering insights and strategies to seamlessly navigate applications and present your unique skillset in a way that captures the attention of potential employers. From CV customisation to interview preparation, this module equips you with the tools needed to confidently navigate each step of the journey, ensuring you stand out as a top candidate .


This module is tailored to provide you with in-depth, and current guidance on how to excel in interviews and how to identify your achievements, find the right examples and confidently communicate why you're a strong candidate and a great fit for the role. From warm-up to motivational fit, to conversational, situational, competency based, to forward facing, we cover every possible scenario. 


Your journey doesn't end at the job offer ‚Äď it's just the beginning. This module equips you with the skills to navigate the crucial steps beyond securing an offer. Learn to negotiate effectively, ensuring your salary aligns with your worth. Gain insights on transitioning seamlessly and with confidence (and humility), into your new role, navigating challenges, and positioning yourself for long-term success. This module sets you up to thrive in your new professional path.


I'm Andy Labrum and I'm the founder of Blue Light Leavers and since 2018, I've been really fortunate to have been able to personally help hundreds of police officers and staff find new roles, inside and outside of policing, and thousands more through the Blue Light Leavers podcast.

Having struggled to come to terms with leaving in 2015 after my full 30 years, having left school with 4 'U's, no degree and known nothing else other than policing since the age of 18, and having had a very successful post-policing corporate career in many different, high profile roles, including Project Management, Business Change, IT and Consultancy, I'm here to help, guide, educate, inspire and support officers and staff that are looking for something more, who want to create a life of balance, improve their mental health and earning potential, and simply not sure where to even start.

You can find out more about my own career transition and career history on the 'Meet Andy' section of the Blue Light Leavers website.

"My fight came back, my sense of worth, my belief in me, strength to take charge of my life."

"Andy changed everything for me, I do not know where I would be without his help, guidance, knowledge, belief, advice.  My fight came back, my sense of worth, my belief in me, strength to take charge of my life.  There will never be enough words to thank Andy for all he did for me. He changed everything when that seemed utterly impossible. I had lived with all this trauma for a year, and he came along and changed everything.  He gave up his time, he’s passionate about helping others and just so genuine, and an utterly amazing human. The best. I will forever be thankful and so will my family.  They got me back and that’s thanks to him. " - Alette


I've been able to do things which I couldn't before.

"Andy helped me understand my strengths, what I would be good at, and what jobs would be suitability for my skill set. He helped me select and develop my best examples, past experiences and achievements into evidence which could be mapped across into a CV and interview scenario. Andy coached me on interview techniques and best practice and not only did I successfully apply for 2 jobs with Andy's help, I was also taught essential life skills, such as how to write a CV, a LinkedIn Profile, how to connect with employers. These are skills which will last a lifetime. As a result of Andy's help, my happiness has greatly increased, and I've been able to do things which I couldn't before, take up new hobbies, meet new people, make new friends, do different things, go different places. All of which is so much harder when working a high stress, shift-work type environment." - Pete


"I retired after 32years service"

"I retired after 32years service with West Midlands Police. Today I started a new position as Loss Prevention Analyst with GXO Logistics. I just wanted to thank Andy Labrum and this group for the massive support in obtaining a new role. The advice personally given by Andy, the podcasts and people who I have contacted through this group who have genuinely wanted to help and support. I can only recommend that anybody changing career or finishing there police career listen to the words of advice, don’t be afraid to contact people, ask for help. Even though some of us are no longer service we are still a family. Thank you BLL and especially Andy." - Anonymous


"I have just found out that I've been offered the job for the Disclosure Caseworker position for the MOD"

"I have just found out that I've been offered the job for the Disclosure Caseworker position for the MOD.... I can honestly say that my interview couldn't have gone better and I came out knowing I had said everything right. All the guidance I received from you on my 1 to 1 was spot on, the questions, the opener and the bullet points on a note pad!! I fully intend to continue to support BLL  as without your support and guidance I honestly believe my retirement would have been far more stressful." - Chris




A Proven 30 Day Step-by-Step Job Finder and Career Change Programme from Blue Light Leavers

Pilot Launch Offer


Normal price £99

  • Lifetime access to the course modules in an easy-to-use online platform
  • 2 months inside The Academy membership where you can access group calls with Andy & support from the community
  • Templates and workbook bundle to ensure you have everything you need from CV templates to Interview Preparation checklists!
This offer price is for the initial launch of this programme only.


If you aren’t completely satisfied with this programme, let us know within the first 30-days for a full refund, no questions asked!

We do however ask that you can show us that you've done the work, as we know that if you follow the steps and apply the knowledge, you'll have everything you need to successfully find, apply, interview and transition to your new role.