Ep.77 From ill-health Retirement to Published Fiction Author Tracy Earle

From ill-health Retirement to Published Fiction Author with Tracy Earl.

Tracy is a former police officer who served for 26 years before having to retire through ill-health, due to a diagnosis of PTSD. She has since gone on to become a published author of a book called Darkness Rising in a series called Children of the Light and signed by a US publishing house for a trilogy.

In this episode we cover the whole process from that initial seed of an idea, all the way through to becoming a published author, with an amazing story for young adults that I think, without a doubt has got film written all over it as well.

I really hope you enjoy hearing Tracy’s incredible and amazingly inspirational story as much as I did, recording it.

To find out more about Tracy's book you watch this brilliant promo video using this link: https://bit.ly/DarknesRisingVideo

The book is available now through Amazon and Waterstone's!

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