EP.57 Raising Awareness of the Impact of Perinatal Mental Health with Sergeant Jen Sharpling

Episode #57

Welcome to Episode 57 of the Blue Light Leavers Podcast. 

Raising Awareness of the Impact of Perinatal Mental Health with Jen Sharpling

Jen is a Sergeant in the Metropolitan Police and she's the National Lead for Perinatal Mental Health which is a workstream under the National Family Support Group. She runs the national team and does all she can to ensure there's support for women and their partners for issues relating to perinatal mental health, she gives talks to raise awareness and also talks about her own personal journey.

Now, in this episode, we talk about the signs and symptoms of perinatal mental health and postnatal depression, the impact on mum and the impact on partners.

We also talk about the help and support that's available.

Perinatal mental health and post-natal depression has a huge impact on relationships at home, friendships, and also how parents feel about returning to work, and what I really wanted to do was highlight the amazing work that Jen is doing to help raise awareness.

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