Ep.52 A Misconduct Finding or Dismissal Doesn't Need to Define You

Episode #52

This episode is a bit different, and some of you may find it a little challenging, and I really want you to please listen to this with an open mind. 

I get contacted very regularly by cops who are going through the disciplinary process, or who've been through the process and sanctioned in some way, or in fact, dismissed as a result of a Gross Misconduct finding.

I do take it on a case by case basis, but I do actually support a lot of cops who have been through that process, and I've helped them to find new careers, and I know for some of you, that's going to be a bit difficult to swallow. 

I want you to listen to this officer's story. I'm not going to give any details, and obviously it's anonymous and we don't talk about any organisations, but I think it'll be really interesting for you.

If you're going through the process, or you've been through the process and have absolutely no idea what it is you're going to do next, I just want to give you a bit of hope and belief, that whatever happened at that time doesn't have to define you... that doesn't mean that's it for the rest of your life. 

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