Ep.42 How to Really Stand Out in Interview - Andy Labrum

Episode #42

How to Really Stand Out in Interview

This week's episode takes a slightly different format and is more of a tutorial, based on my own experience of being interviewed on so many occasions since leaving the job in early 2015, my experience of conducting interviews for new staff, and successfully helping many others (check out the videos and written testimonials on the Blue Light Leavers website), and this episode is all about:

How to Really Stand Out in Interview.

In this episode, I talk you through:

  • The 3 stages of prep
  • Answering warm up questions with confidence
  • How to show you're a good fit, (also known as Motivational Fit)
  • The 3 different types of interview styles
  • The secret to answering competency based questions better than the other candidates (it's not STAR or SOAR!)
  • And much more!

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In this episode, I'm covering topics I normally only go through with paying clients and cohort members of the Blue Light Achievers Programme.

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