Ep.34 Ill-Health Retirement Support with Police Care UK

Episode #34

Support for those leaving or having left the job on ill-Health retirement or those who have suffered physical or psychological harm

This is an area I've been wanting to support members and listeners of the podcast for a while and I'm very honoured to say that Police Care UK and Blue Light Leavers will be working closely together over the coming weeks and months to support those going through IHR or having been through it, are struggling to move on or find new roles.

Police Care UK are the charity for serving and veteran police officers and staff, volunteers, and their families who have suffered any physical or psychological harm as a result of policing, including those leaving or who have left on IHR.

In this episode there are 4 short interviews, the first is with Dave Blundell who is the charity Head of Engagement, the second is with peer support lead Alan Fairclough and Alan is doing some fantastic support work for those going through IHR. The 3rd is with Andy Pennock who is a volunteer with the charity and doing great things in supporting them and those who need a helping hand and finally Teri Kearsey who is the fundraising and events manager.

This is a great introduction into PCUK and an explanation of the support that's available for those who need it most and I really hope it helps.

  • PCUK support injured veterans – those harmed as a result of their policing role
    • PCUK do try to help those retiring due to an illness/condition where they can
  • They currently focus on the 5 force areas they have actively collaborated in – Cheshire, Lancashire, GMP, Merseyside and TVP
    • Once someone is registered with Police Care, they offer them ill Health Retirement support, wherever they are in the UK
    • PCUK have supported beneficiaries in over 20 Forces across England, Scotland Wales and NI

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