Ep.18 'Crossing the Line' with John Sutherland Police Commander

Episode #18

Today I have the privilege of talk to one of the most recognised and respected names in Policing, former Chief Supt John Sutherland.

John joined the Met in 1992, starting in Central London and after his probation, asked to go to a busier Borough and was moved to Brixton. He rose quickly through the ranks and had a number of high profile roles, including hostage negotiator. 

He was a Supt at Islington Borough, where I also worked for a number of years, before becoming Borough Commander for Camden and later, Borough Commander for what's considered to be the busiest borough in London, Southwark.

In 2013 John suffered a nervous breakdown that lasted 7 months and ultimately finished his police career.

John describes himself as a father to three, husband to one and says he now 'speaks and bit and writes a bit'… and that he certainly does. 

John is very well known for his Police Commander Blog and Twitter presence and for his first book and Sunday Times Best Seller, 'Blue – Keeping the Peace and Falling to Pieces' which tells the stories of his policing life and of his slow recovery from the serious nervous breakdown that ended his operational career in 2018, after over 25 years service

John has just launched his second book, 'Crossing the Line - Lessons from a Life on Duty' which is available now via these links:


W & N

The Book Depository


In this interview John talks in detail about the exact moment his life changed through mental ill-health and his journey through the darkest time of his life and his ongoing recovery. He also talks about how his family coped through this incredibly difficult time.

John has been able to engage with frontline officers like no other Senior Officer I have ever come across. He just gets it.. and in this interview you’ll understand why, particularly as he talks about the periods of relentless hostility towards the Police service and his responses to that

John is now a sought after public speaker and commentator on a broad range of issues, and  regularly appears on TV and radio and also writes for major newspapers.

An incredible human being and an absolute privilege to spend time with. You can connect with John on Twitter @policecommander and via his Blog at : 

police commander.wordpress.com

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