Ep.7 Stabbed, Terrorist Explosions and Shot - PTSD Survivor Helen Barnett - Former Police Officer

Episode #7

Stabbed, caught up in two terrorist explosions and shot at a firearms incident having been the first Mother to join the SO19 Armed Response Vehicles in the Metropolitan Police, former Police Officer Helen Barnett has an incredible story to tell.  These incidents resulted in her being medically retired with a diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which manifested itself in symptoms like Bulimia and relationship breakdown.  During this interview, Helen talks about how she felt she lost her identity and sense of purpose. She also talks about how fitness became her coping mechanism. Helen has had a long road to recovery and this continues. Despite all this, Helen talks about how lucky she is and the work she now does with two amazing charities called https://rock2recovery.co.uk and https://www.hiddenvalleybushcraft.co.uk where she's able to give back and help others.  Helen is also a former record holder for Concept II indoor rowing and in May 2019, her and her team broke the 24 hour World Deadlift Record.   I promise, this is an extraordinary interview with an amazing human being and an episode I found really emotional to record.  As promised during this episode, I have donated £50 to Rock to Recovery and £50 to Hidden Valley Bushcraft and my receipts shared with Helen as proof.  Both charities help former Military and Emergency Service personnel deal with trauma and PTSD and both charities have kindly agreed to be guests on the Blue Light Leavers Podcast in 2020. Don't forget, you can join the Private Facebook group at : www.facebook.com/groups/bluelightleavers   You can connect with Helen via the Blue Light Leavers private Facebook Group.  You can also access my free Emergency Service Professional's Guide to LinkedIn via this link: https://www.bluelightleavers.com/pl/95723  If you like what you've heard, please subscribe, leave a review and share and come and join us in our Private Facebook Group.  --- Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/bluelightleavers/message