Ep.4 Your Skills in the Private Sector with Ian Towell Senior Manager Tesco PLC

Episode #4

During this episode, Ian Towell talks about four key attributes which helped shape his career and success in the corporate world, despite leaving school with few qualifications and not going to University. He talks about the recruitment process within Tesco and the wider Private Sector and the key sought after behavioural skills and values. He talks about the areas to focus on within your CV and how to prepare and he also talks about how the skills and experience gained within the Emergency Services are sought after within the Private Sector.    Importantly he talks about why we should take pride in our Service history and that fear of not having role specific experience shouldn't hold you back from applying. Ian gives a fantastic insight into the corporate world and Private Sector and the pressures, expectations and associated benefits. Ian is one of my closest friends and we've known each other for many years. This was recorded in Autumn in my back garden, so you may hear birds and voices in the background. If you like what you’ve heard, please subscribe, leave a review and share it widely! Don’t forget you can access our private facebook group via: www.facebook.com/groups/bluelightleavers You can also access the free Emergency Service Professional's Guide to LinkedIn via https://www.bluelightleavers.com/pl/95723 --- Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/bluelightleavers/message