Ep.3 Preventing and Dealing With Burnout - Andi Clark CEO of 911lifestyle.com

Episode #3

Andi Clark is a hugely successful global coach to the 911/999 family and helps officers and their families who are struggling with or close to burn-out. She tells us about her own health challenges that ultimately helped her, her Police Officer husband and his colleagues and many others since. Andi is invited to speak on stages to numerous organisations across North America and her coaching courses have helped many Emergency Service professionals and their families around the world, understand and recover from the physical and mental health risks associated with shift work and the hugely stressful work environment. I'm really grateful to Andi for agreeing to be a member of the Blue Light Leavers Facebook group and for agreeing to be a guest on The Blue Light Leavers podcast. In this interview Andi talks about what she calls 'the list'. She talks about how to mitigate against those signs and signals including 'tired and wired', brain fog and long term injuries and illnesses. She also gives us two simple steps that will immediately have a positive impact and gives much much more.  Andi has very kindly offered access to her web class called 3 Simple Steps to Prevent Burnout which can be accessed via: https://youtu.be/9Oi5Uu-GwFA You can contact Andi via her website which is www.911lifestyle.com and there you'll find her social media links, blogs, numerous free resources and details of her fantastic programmes which can be accessed via:  https://911lifestyle.com/work-with-me/ and please mention you're from Blue Light Leavers! Don’t forget you can access our private facebook group via: www.facebook.com/groups/bluelightleavers If you like what you’ve heard, please subscribe, leave a review and share it widely! As a thank you from me for listening, grab your Emergency Service Professional's Guide to LinkedIn, 5 simple steps to really get noticed by recruiters: https://www.bluelightleavers.com/pl/95723 --- Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/bluelightleavers/message