Ep.78 From Policing to Senior Project Manager at Turner Townsend Consultancy with Josh Penwill

From Policing to Senior Project Manager at Turner Townsend Consultancy.

In this episode I talk to former firearms sergeant and 1:1 client of mine, Josh Penwill.

In this interview, we talk about why he left policing, the steps we took to identify the type of roles and what was going to suit him best and his salary expectations, and we talk through the right courses that would help him. We also talk through the transferable skills that he's found have really helped him in his new role. We talk about the interview processes and the applications that we went through, what he learned from the knockbacks and how we dealt with those.

We also talk about the importance of networking, the day in the life of a consultant and so much more. If you would like to connect with Josh, the best way is through LinkedIn . He's such a great guy who will help you without shadow of a doubt. So, thanks again to Josh for his time. Brilliant interview.

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