Ep.82 Your ill-health Retirement Doesn't Have to be Your Forever with Simon and Angela Barry

Welcome to Episode 82 of the Blue Light Leavers podcast. In this episode I'm talking to Simon and Angela Barry. In our first call, Simon really was genuinely pretty broken. He was lacking self-confidence, self-esteem, and he'd clearly been through a really tough time. They'd applied for a load of jobs with no success getting through to interviews, so we ended up working one to one. Why did I interview both? Well, I really wanted to share how PTSD and ill-health, retirement and all the associated symptoms and stress of the situation, can really impact everyone around you. Angela was so supportive, and she was very much part of this process, and she actually joined us for every call that we had. We talk about how we found the right roles, the application process, the interview prep, being ghosted, and the impact of dealing with the knockbacks and what success felt like with the choice of two jobs. I promise this is a stunning and very honest account of what they went through, and I really hope you enjoy it. I'm so grateful to Simon and Angela for their time and their honesty.

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