Ep.87 Using Your Policing Skills to Create Your Own Destiny with Former Cop, Now Multiple Business Owner and Entrepreneur Eddie Whittingham

In this episode I'm talking to Eddie Whittingham.

I'm not going to give too much away; however, this is an incredible story. So inspirational. Eddie is a serial entrepreneur and he's a former cop and he's just gone on to do some amazing things. He talks us through his policing career and why he left and what he left to do and how he felt about leaving.

He went on to create his own business and he talks about what happened at that point and honestly, it is jaw dropping. Eddie talks about how he approaches life. His humility and he has that lovely self-deprecating sense of humour and it was just a real joy to record this episode.

If you would like to connect with Eddie you can reach him through his LinkedIn. He'll be happy to hear from you! https://bit.ly/EddieWhittinghamLinkedIn 

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