The Blue Light Leavers Podcast

The Blue Light Leavers Podcast

Hosted by: Andy Labrum

If you’re a Police Officer, Law Enforcement Officer or support staff, serving or retired or considering leaving the Police, then this is for you! Every episode, I’ll bring you interviews with subject matter experts...

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Ep.68 The Impact of Challenging and Changing a Toxic Police Culture with Gareth Keyte

Episode #68

Welcome to episode 68 of the Blue Light Leavers Podcast Today, I've got the absolute pleasure of talking with Gareth Keyte. Gareth is a former Police Officer and Royal Marine Commando, and in this episode he talks us...
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Ep.67 FDM Group Career Path Graduate - Former Police Officer Jo Morris

Episode #67

In this episode I'm talking with Jo Morris. Jo is a Blue Light Leavers community member and also a member of The Academy and she's a real success story. In the last episode we spoke to Jo, Jules and James with regards...
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Ep.66 A Brand New Full Career Path Collaboration with Ex-Forces Transition Experts FDM Group

I'm incredibly proud to be able announce another collaboration with a partner offering a complete career path from policing into roles which include roles within the tech industry, Project Management, project support,...
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Ep.65 Your Misconduct Questions Answered and Your Rights Plus Pay and Conditions, Mental Health, and the Survey with Sergeant Phil Jones Police Federation National Conduct and Performance Lead

Phil is the National Conduct and Performance Lead for the Police Federation of England and Wales In this episode, Phil talks us through the whole Misconduct and Gross Misconduct end to end processes. We cover all...
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Ep.64 From Policing to Creating Award Winning Businesses MyOhMy Weddings and MyOhMy Events with Lorna Reeves

Episode #64

Please be aware, we cover the topic of suicide in this episode. Welcome to Episode 64 of the Blue Light Leavers Podcast  Today, I've the absolute pleasure of talking with Lorna Reeves.  Lorna is the founder of MyOhMy...
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Ep.63 From Policing to Managing Partner & Award Winning Security, Intelligence Investigations and Crisis Management Expert with Oli Laurence

Welcome to Episode 63 of the Blue Light Leavers Podcast Today's guest is Oliver Laurence, who is a managing partner at ionasia, and an award-winning expert in security, intelligence, investigations and crisis...
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Ep.62 You Don't Have to Follow the Usual Career Path with former Police Officer Nic Wells

Episode #62

Welcome to Episode 62 of the Blue Light Leavers Podcast Nic is a former police officer who left policing after 14 years to move into the banking industry and after a few years in banking investigations, came to the...
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Bonus Episode - From UK Police to Policing in Western Australia with Haydn Farrow

Welcome to the Special Bonus Episode of the Blue Light Leavers Podcast Some of you who are a bit more eagle-eyed will have seen that Western Australia put an advert out advertising for international recruits, so...
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Ep.61 Your Pension Questions Answered and Myth Busting with Rob Heath 3Nines Financial Planning

Episode #61

Welcome to Episode 61 of the Blue Light Leavers Podcast Now, this one really is a bit special, and this is going to help a huge amount of people.  Today, we're talking pensions and we're really fortunate to be...
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Ep.60 From Policing to Marketing Director with Jamie Stenton

Episode #60

Welcome to Episode 60 of the Blue Light Leavers Podcast  Today I'm talking to Jamie Stenton, who is a former police officer and now, Marketing Director of Lilac James, who are a Digital Marketing specialist...
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Ep.59 From Policing to Senior University Lecturer with Ian Grant

Episode #59

Welcome to Episode 59 of the Blue Light Leavers Podcast Ian Grant is a former police officer who's now a Senior Lecturer at a very well-known and hugely respected University, having left school with no...
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Ep.58 Transition, Lessons in Leadership and Business Ownership with Steve Thornton - CEO and Co-Founder of Motor Source Group

Episode #58

Welcome to Episode 58 of the Blue Light Leavers Podcast In this episode, I'm talking to Steve Thornton. Steve is a multiple business owner and he's the co-founder and CEO of 3 organisations including Motor Source...
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